Welcome to Main Street Transcription Service, LLC.

Specializing in customized workflow for maximal efficiency.

Main Street Transcription Service is a small business providing medical and general transcription services throughout the United States.  Main Street is committed to providing quality services at a fair price while keeping jobs in America.  Main Street never sends work offshore, so you can be confident your transcription is being done under strict HIPAA requirements and is kept confidential at all times.

Main Street Transcription Service uses the BayScribe transcription system, which is fully HIPAA compliant.  BayScribe has provided 100% uptime to all clients for over 10 years.  If you’re still using dictation and transcription, and your current system is not working for you or not being supported, you should strongly consider Main Street Transcription Service and switching to BayScribe.  We provide high-quality transcription with industry standard quality, MTs who have been in the business for years, and excellent turnaround times.  Plus, as a bonus, we keep all the work in the United States.  We never offshore, as one breach would be disastrous for your facility.

Whether your facility is a small private practice requiring administrative support to include printing and distribution of letters, a large hospital requiring complex interfacing, or a private or government entity requiring any kind of transcription services, Main Street Transcription Service is the service for you.  We have many years of experience in the medical and general transcription industry and pride ourselves on excellent customer service, strict confidentiality, and superior document production.