EHR Integration

We conform to your specifications.

Upon submitting the final report, whether by an Editor, Transcriptionist or Author, the document is merged into a series of templates. BayScribe’s scriptable interface engine can return electronic versions of the report into your core business systems via XML, HL7 & ASCII.

BayScribe allows different workflow rules to be created to simplify this process so that reports can automatically be integrated into these systems based upon the characteristics of the document, such as:

  • the Author of the report,
  • the Report type,
  • the Department,
  • the medical record number,
  • the visit number,
  • the accession number, etc

Many clients opt to use BayScribe as the interface for Dictation and Transcription into:

  • CRM
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Laboratory Information Systems

Different types of systems often require different interfaces, which purchased separately become very expensive to deploy and maintain. The BayScribe license includes this utility at no additional charge.